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Ford F350 Big Foot Monstertruck Demo Truck

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Ford F350 Big Foot Monstertruck Demo Truck
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The truck was built to be the commercial advertizing of our Firm. This task was made with faultless in last years. It was the favourite of the public on several exhibitions. As we have new publicity project this truck is now for sale. During its building our aim was to built in such dimensions which allow for transporting, driving with test numberplate or under police escorting on the public roads. This aim was achieved completely. The truck can be drived easily, the steering is good, light and the brake works well.
This truck was built not for jumping or demolition. If You are looking for such truck this is a wrong way. But if needed it can these tasks also execute. It has certain limitation, but it can do.
Technical Parameters:Engine: 7300 cm3 from Ford F350. Take off well, on the surface is dust-dry. Splendid sound from exhaust port. The clutch is new from fabric, the siemmerings, rolls, expansion and the waterpump, etc., too.Gearbox: Ford 350 7300 Diesel ZF with 5 speed, manualRadiator: Original Ford 7300 Diesel Truck (from Ford F350)Car compartment: Ford 600 from 1986 year.Loadpart: Ford F 350 from 1986 yearUndercarrige: front and rear axes from Army vehicles drived cca. 4000 km (if needed we could give spare axes)Transmission shaft: derived from Army vehicles with double spidersWheels: T150Dimensions: 2650mm  wide, it’s heigt is 3400 mm, lenght 5550 mm, 5 ton
Other Informations:The wheels are reportedly new agricultural tyres on which can be seen some cuttings due to demolition tasks. Being on the truck exhaust pipes, bumpers, other auxiliary devices made from rust - Ford 7300 Diesel Truck (Ford F350 free "inox" material). In the car compartment new shell-seats with 4 p. safety-belts.  Front and rear mounted cameras help in safely driving of the truck. In the cabin of the drivers on LCD display is projecting the traffic in the front of the truck. When the rear traffic activity is switched the front camera switches down automatically and the rear camera is activated.Into the rust-free exhaust pipe an Mercedes petrol-injector was built. In the driver cabin with the help of a switch (which has safety children -lock) 80-100 cm long flame can be emitted even more minutes long.The various light and audio devices (LED and Strobe types) work without any objection Their quality is professional one (they were made by Axixtech and by Elektra).
Shipping:We give small tyres for transport, so you can ship the Big Foot on a normal trailer (no special transport)!
Videos from the truck: 
Viel Spass beim Bieten.Achtung! Das Big Foot ist in Ungarn!Bitte keine Spaßbieter!
Artikel, die im privaten Auftrag verkauft bzw. angeboten werden, unterliegen keiner Garantie und keinem Rückgaberecht. Unter Ausschluß jeglicher Gewährleistung. Bezahlung und abholung innerhalb von 15 Tagen. 
Important !
The image is cheated! The truck is not a Police-car! It is advertising 
vehicle of an Firm handling with flashing devices!

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